Takoma Park Friends Meeting-Preparative
gathered on 1/26/2020 in the library of the Takoma Park Presbyterian Church,
Takoma Park, Maryland.  

We heard queries from Baltimore
Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice on meetings for worship.

We heard a first
reading for Mackenzie Morgan to serve as web maintainer.

Victor Thuronyi, our
liaison to Adelphi Friends Meeting, reported that Victor had brought up at
Adelphi’s January business meeting the issue of Takoma Park using the term
“preparative” in communications.  The
reason for avoiding use of this term is that it could be confusing to newcomers,
as its meaning is not obvious.  During
the brief discussion at Adelphi, there was a suggestion that Takoma Park
continue referring to itself as a preparative meeting in official documents
such as minutes, but Adelphi business meeting was fine with Takoma Park
dropping the term on its website or other communications.

We discussed a request
from Baltimore Yearly Meeting for a spiritual state of the meeting report.  We decided to follow the three queries
suggested and to add a query on the sustainability of our meeting.  We decided to hold a second hour on this
topic on Feb. 9.

In order to better accommodate
the farmer’s market gleaning, we decided to hold business meeting on the third
Sunday of the month as a general practice, starting in March, but on the second
Sunday in May.

Tricia Crocker,
treasurer, handed out copies of the treasurer’s report for the month through
today (attached).  We accepted the
report.  We noted the balance in the
meeting place fund and decided to discuss a suggestion for possible loan of the
meeting place fund to Adelphi Friends meeting at a second hour on March 22.

Tricia Crocker also
presented a revised report from last month to correct an error.  The corrected report is attached.  We accepted this revised report.

We heard and approved
these minutes.  We adjourned, to gather
next on 2/23/2020 at the rise of meeting, or at the call of the presiding

Arthur David Olson,

Victor Thuronyi,