Actions to Address Climate Change

These are suggested actions for friends to take to help address climate change. Some of these actions will be harder for some friends to take than for others. Friends will have to decide for themselves which actions to take, and it is not expected that all friends should take all of these suggestions. However, the status quo cannot be maintained. We must all make sacrifices in order to prevent the catastrophic possibilities we are facing.

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Spiritual State of the Meeting, 2016

As expressed in a second hour meeting on 2/19/2017
And improved on in meetings for business on 2/26/2017 and 3/26/2017

As a small meeting, we lack the committees and structure that some Friends are used to. However, the small size provides a simplicity and intimacy that creates a real community where people know each other better. We are too small to have social cliques, so we have become more open to each other, which makes us more open to those who visit. The intimacy of the meeting leads to more intimate messages, providing for some a place for deeper meditation.

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