9/9/2018 Minutes

Takoma Park Friends Meeting-Preparative gathered on 9/9/2018 at the Dance Exchange in Takoma Park, Maryland.
We heard queries and advices from the 2013 draft Baltimore Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice on integrity, concerning truth and how we live according to truth. We heard that calling others out when they act hurtfully can be part of living according to truth. We heard that truth can use our help in these times. We heard that truth involves what we do, fixing mistakes we make.

We approved minutes from our July 22, 2018, meeting with edits. The minutes will be posted as revised.

Tricia Crocker, treasurer, handed out copies of the treasurer’s report. There is a donations gap of close to $600 for the current year that needs to be filled. We accepted the report.

There are four readings for service as Treasurer, to be presented at Adelphi and Takoma Park. The first reading would be for Tricia Crocker to serve through 11/30/2019.

We considered gifts to Quaker and community groups involving 10 percent of our operating budget to each category, respectively. As a first reading, the amount suggested for community groups was $150 each for the five groups we supported last year, plus two additional groups: Action in Montgomery,and the Dance Exchange. For Quaker groups, the amount would be $150 each for each of the groups supported last year.

We heard a progress report on site search, which is ongoing. We agreed to devote the 10/21 second hour to a discussion on steps we might take to encourage growth of the meeting.

We heard and approved these minutes. We adjourned, to gather next on 9/23/2018 at the rise of meeting, or at the call of the presiding clerk.

Arthur David Olson, presiding
Victor Thuronyi, recording

Minutes 8/26/2018

8/26/2018 minutes
Takoma Park Friends Meeting-Preparative gathered on 8/26/2018 at the Dance Exchange in Takoma Park, Maryland. We decided, given the small number in attendance, to postpone the business meeting to September 9.
We adjourned, to gather next on 9/9/2018 at the rise of meeting, or at the call of the presiding clerk.

Arthur David Olson, presiding
Victor Thuronyi, recording

Quaker Discussion, 6/15/2018

For our July 15th Quaker Discussion, we will have a guest speaker to talk to us about his thesis on Quaker history. Details are below:

Jason Aglietti earned his Bachelor’s Degree in history from Towson University in December 2014. He went on to earn his Master’s Degree from the University of Maryland Baltimore County, where he graduated in May, 2018. At UMBC, Jason primarily studied Public History (museum work), the American Revolution, and early American Christianity.

His master’s thesis: The Friends They Loathed: The Persecution of Maryland Quakers During the Revolutionary War, was researched and written between 2016 – 2018 and successfully defended in April, 2018.

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Presiding Clerk and Quaker Discussion Coordinator Nominations

Yesterday I announced that I will be resigning from my positions as presiding clerk and Quaker discussion coordinator, effective June 24th (June Worshipful Business Meeting). We need nominations for people to fill these positions. We will be using our Quaker discussion on May 20th to discuss the nominations. If you have any nominations, please contact the current Quaker discussion coordinator (me, presiding_clerk at takomaparkfriends dot org).

Please note that the Quaker discussion coordinator position is more than just running the adult education discussions. Since we laid down the M&O committee, all of our committee work is done on an ad hoc basis in Quaker discussion. So this position is additionally the clerk-of-all-committees. Of course, this is not set in stone. If changing the way we handled committee work would better fit the skills of people willing to work for the meeting, it is more important to get the work done than to do it the way we’ve been doing it.

-Craig O’Brien

Worshipful Business Meeting Agenda, 4/22

The agenda for worshipful business meeting on Sunday, April 22nd is as follows:

  • Treasurer’s report
  • Review of request to Adelphi
  • Review of proposed survey
  • Clerk nomination
  • Quaker discussion leader nomination

    If there are any other items that should be on the agenda, please contact the presiding clerk by responding here or emailing presiding_clerk at takomaparkfriends dot org.

Quaker Discussion, 4/15

The Quaker discussion for Sunday, April 15th will be a continuation of our reading of the Spirit of Quakers, by Geoffrey Durham. We will read a short section of the book and then discuss it. You don’t need to have a copy of the book to participate, and as always, the discussion is open to everyone.

Quaker Discussion 3/18

Our Quaker discussion after the rise of meeting this week will be a continuation of last month’s discussion of how to move forward based on last year’s spiritual state of the meeting report.

2/18 Quaker Discussion (IMPORTANT)

We are going to have discussion after the meeting this Sunday to discuss how to move forward with the meeting. I don’t think any of us want to lay it down, but if we don’t, then we need to discuss what changes we are going to make and what effort we are going to put forward to revitalize the meeting. If you can, please come with ideas. If you can’t come but have ideas, post them here.

Spiritual State of the Meeting Report, 2017

The Spiritual State of the Meeting report for 2017 is available here. It does not paint the picture of a healthy meeting. To highlight this, it was approved at a business meeting attended by two people: the presiding clerk and the recording clerk.

Our next Quaker Discussion (February 18th) will be about how we want to move forward based on this report. Do we want to lay the meeting down? If not, what are we willing to do to turn the meeting around?