Tricia Crocker, treasurer, handed out copies of a budget-year-to-date report (attached). Tricia noted that an 03/01/18 date in the report should be 03/31/18. Tricia noted a little progress in making our percentage of donations given for the budget year match the elapsed percentage of the budget year. We accepted the report.
Craig O’Brien read aloud a draft survey prepared by Craig and Tricia on things folks feel are important in a worship group. We approved use of the survey, incorporating suggestions offered and empowering Craig to make final wording revisions; we approved use of meeting funds up to $50 to circulate the survey on Facebook, to be paid using outreach funds.
Arthur David Olson handed out copies of language to be used in asking folks from Adelphi for aid. We agreed to use this language: “Takoma Park Friends Meeting-Preparative is discerning how to move forward. We welcome the aid of folks from our parent meeting, Adelphi. You can help by paying us a visit, worshiping with us, seeing our situation, and speaking with us after meeting. We meet at 11:00 at the Dance Exchange, 7117 Maple Avenue in Takoma Park; the entrance is in the back.” Arthur David, as Adelphi liaison, undertook to have the language appear in Adelphi’s silent announcements and to make an announcement at Adelphi’s meeting for business.
Craig shared Craig’s resignation as presiding clerk and second hour coordinator effective 6/24/2018. Craig undertook to communicate the need for replacements to folks in meeting; we agreed to use our 5/20/2018 second hour to consider suggestions. We thanked Craig for Craig’s service to date.
Tricia noted that the 4/29/2018 Takoma Park Art Hop is to stop at the Dance Exchange; we can expect a bit more difficulty parking and some noise (though not if past is prologue).
We heard and approved these minutes. We adjourned, to gather next on 5/27/2018 at the rise of meeting, or at the call of the presiding clerk.

Craig O’Brien, presiding Arthur David Olson, recording