Takoma Park Friends Meeting-Preparative gathered on 12/15/2019 in the library of the Takoma Park Presbyterian Church, Takoma Park, Maryland.  

We heard queries from Baltimore Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice on education.  We provide some religious education, mostly through our second hours.  We heard that Montgomery County public school boundaries are being reviewed, which provides an opportunity for anti-racism work.

We asked our liaison to Adelphi Friends Meeting to learn about the attitude of that meeting to our using the term “preparative” in communications.

The treasurer’s report for the fiscal year ending Nov. 30, 2019, was handed out, as well as a report for the budget year to date (through Dec. 15, 2019)(attached).  We accepted the reports. 

We approved the following positions for service for 2020:

Presiding clerk: Arthur David Olson

Recording clerk: Victor Thuronyi

Treasurer*: Tricia Crocker

Festival coordination: Tricia Crocker, Susan Rogers

Farmers Market project coordinator: Tricia Crocker, Mary Jane Muchui

Second hour coordinator: John Knight

Children’s program: Arthur David Olson, Mary Jane Muchui

Adelphi liaison: Victor Thuronyi

Presbyterian Church liaison: Victor Thuronyi

Postal mail pickup: Ellen Sarrett

Electronic mailing list maintainer: Tricia Crocker

Backup greeter: Arthur David Olson

*Treasurer’s term coincides with the budget year; treasurer approved separately.

We received a request from the Baltimore Yearly Meeting pastoral care committee for a spiritual state of the meeting report, to be discussed at the next business meeting.

We heard and approved these minutes.  We adjourned, to gather next on 1/26/2019 at the rise of meeting, or at the call of the presiding clerk.

Arthur David Olson, presiding

Victor Thuronyi, recording