Quaker Discussion on 10/15

Next Sunday, October 15th, we will have a Quaker Discussion on queries. We ask ourselves queries at every business meeting and record our answers. Since I’ve been clerk we’ve been through the queries in the draft BYM Faith & Practice twice. Next...

Takoma Park Street Festival

We will have a booth at the Street Festival this coming Sunday, 10/1/17. If you can, please stop by and help us man the booth. We will have our shared meal at the booth after the rise of meeting for worship.

Quaker Discussion on 9/17

On 9/17 we will have a Quaker discussion about charitable giving after Meeting for Worship. Specifically, we will be discussing where the meeting should give charitable gifts. Please come with any ideas you may have. All are welcome.

Quaker Discussion on 8/20

For Quaker Discussion on 8/20 there will be a presentation on Experimenting with the Light, a guided meditation based on early Quaker writings. This will include a brief introduction to the idea, and a guided meditation of about a half hour.

July Meeting Changes

The Dance Exchange will be hosting a “Summer Institute” for two weeks in July. Due to increased activity caused by this, we have decided not to meet at the Dance Exchange on 7/9 or 7/16. On 7/9 Friends are encouraged to visit other area meetings. Our...