Takoma Park Friends Meeting-Preparative gathered on 9/9/2018 at the Dance Exchange in Takoma Park, Maryland.
We heard queries and advices from the 2013 draft Baltimore Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice on integrity, concerning truth and how we live according to truth. We heard that calling others out when they act hurtfully can be part of living according to truth. We heard that truth can use our help in these times. We heard that truth involves what we do, fixing mistakes we make.

We approved minutes from our July 22, 2018, meeting with edits. The minutes will be posted as revised.

Tricia Crocker, treasurer, handed out copies of the treasurer’s report. There is a donations gap of close to $600 for the current year that needs to be filled. We accepted the report.

There are four readings for service as Treasurer, to be presented at Adelphi and Takoma Park. The first reading would be for Tricia Crocker to serve through 11/30/2019.

We considered gifts to Quaker and community groups involving 10 percent of our operating budget to each category, respectively. As a first reading, the amount suggested for community groups was $150 each for the five groups we supported last year, plus two additional groups: Action in Montgomery,and the Dance Exchange. For Quaker groups, the amount would be $150 each for each of the groups supported last year.

We heard a progress report on site search, which is ongoing. We agreed to devote the 10/21 second hour to a discussion on steps we might take to encourage growth of the meeting.

We heard and approved these minutes. We adjourned, to gather next on 9/23/2018 at the rise of meeting, or at the call of the presiding clerk.

Arthur David Olson, presiding
Victor Thuronyi, recording