Tricia Crocker, treasurer, handed out copies of a budget-year-to-date report (attached). Donations continue to be received ahead of schedule. Three-quarters of our share of the yearly meeting apportionment has now been paid. We planned to use next month’s second hour to consider gifts to Quaker and community groups. We heard the possibility of working on gifts in future years with Adelphi Friends Meeting’s peace and social concerns committee. We accepted the treasurer’s report.
Tricia handed out copies of a first reading of our 2017-2018 budget (attached). Tricia noted a substantial $400 increase in our share of the yearly meeting apportionment, partially balanced by proposed cuts in congregant aid and the meeting place fund transfer. The budget includes a small drop in projected donations; Tricia senses that the drop may be larger. We heard a suggestion to add an unrestricted reserve transfer line item to enable us to build our unrestricted reserve back to the desired level.
We heard a first reading of Tricia Crocker to serve as Takoma Park treasurer and Adelphi Assistant Treasurer for Takoma Park from 12/1/2017 through 11/30/2018.
Craig O’Brien reported on the offer of an in-kind donation of a feather sign for the meeting; Craig sought guidance on content and color of the sign. We hope the sign can include “Quakers” in large print and our web site’s address in small print; we are happy to leave details to the donor.
We considered the matter of a congregant caring for an ill relative. Craig undertook to post a request that the family be held in the Light; folks undertook to ask the congregant what help might be useful.
We heard and approved these minutes. We adjourned, to gather next 9/24/2017 at the rise of meeting, or at the call of the presiding clerk.

Craig O’Brien, presiding Arthur David Olson, recording