Takoma Park Friends Meeting-Preparative gathered on 7/23/2017 at the Dance Exchange in Takoma Park, Maryland. We heard queries and advices from the 2013 draft Baltimore Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice on stewardship of the Earth. We heard a sense that the advices might better refer to “the next generation” rather than “future generations.” We heard of the theory that all human wars have been fought over resources; understanding how to conserve and share our resources will let us find the peace we seek. We heard of how ownership of land by distant corporations can lead to lack of care for and pollution of the land and can complicate efforts to restore it. We heard of how the failure of one jurisdiction to recycle certain items can lead to taking those items to another jurisdiction, with the necessity of being aware of the environmental costs of transporting them. We heard surprise that some folks with children seem insensitive to the effect of resource use and misuse on those children. We heard of how growth in the average size of people leads to things wearing out faster, and of the unsustainable nature of “junk food.” We heard a question of whether the “all creation” mentioned in the advices and queries includes even the squishy, non-rent-paying creatures in our homes.