Tricia Crocker, treasurer, handed out copies of a budget-year-to-date report (attached). Tricia noted that the report does not yet reflect our gift of $10,000 to Adelphi for its meeting renovation project; the check has been sent to them, and the withdrawal is to be reflected in the next quarterly report from Friends Fiduciary Corporation We accepted the report.
We heard that the Village of Takoma Park is to end in June its agreement to act as a financial agent for Parents of Special Needs Adults.
We approved a half-page flier (attached) for distribution in the community. Arthur David Olson undertook to get copies produced. We heard a suggestion to make use of the back side of the flier in future versions, and a suggestion to post the flier in stacks to allow folks to take copies. We heard the sense that more use of graphics in a future version may draw more attention.
Tricia handed out copies of a first reading of our spiritual state of the meeting report (attached). We revised the document in preparation for its second reading next month. Arthur David undertook to prepare the document for the second reading.
Tricia, as Dance Exchange liaison, noted that they have an acting manager who has noted that we do not currently have a contract; Tricia expects negotiations on a new contract to begin once a new manager is in place.
We heard, augmented, and approved these minutes. We adjourned, to gather next on 3/24/2019 at the rise of meeting, or at the call of the presiding clerk.

Tricia Crocker, presiding
Arthur David Olson, recording

Treasurer’s report:


Draft spiritual state of the meeting report: